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Approximately 15 servings per pan.

Dressing$ 22.43 Per Pan
Sliced Turkey$  7.50 Per Pound
Sliced Ham$  6.50 Per Pound
Potato Salad$ 18.69 Per Gallon
Sweet and Sour Green Beans$ 18.69 Per Pan
Baked Beans$ 18.69 Per Pan
Sweet Potato Casserole    $ 22.43 Per Pan
Butter Beans$18.69 Per Pan
English Peas$18.69 Per Pan
Green Beans$18.69 Per Pan
Congealed Salad$18.69 Per Pan
Chicken Spaghetti $ 22.43 Per Pan
Meatloaf$ 9.00 Per Pound
Rolls $ 7.50 Per Dozen
Hummingbird Cake $ 38.00
Mississippi Mud $ 25.47 1/4 sheet
Butter Pecan Pound Cake$18.00
German Chocolate Cake  $30.00 for a 9 inch round, $38.00 for a 10 inch round
Pecan Pie $15.00
Red Velvet Cake$30.00 for a 9 inch round, $35.00 for a 10 inch round
Carrot Cake$35.00
Strawberry Cake$28.00
Coconut Cake $35.00
Devil's Food$28.00
Chocolate Delight$30.00
Strawberry Delight$35.00
Owey Goey Carmel Pie
Cup Cakes $12.00 per dozen
Petit Fours'$15.00 per dozen